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Beginner Steps To Cutting Carbs

Cutting carbs has been a major trend in the past decade and focusing on your diet is the number one tip given by personal trainers to anyone looking to lose weight. Many people don't know that fruits are carbohydrates, however, they are the good kind. Yes, there are good and bad carbs! Bad carbs offer little to no nutritional value and can cause a spike in blood sugar leading to weight gain and serious health problems further down the road. In this weeks post we have put together some simple steps to cutting back on those carbs to benefit your weight loss and overall health!

1. Boycott the Bread

Bread, including whole wheat bread, is packed with carbohydrates and refined sugars. Did you know that just one slice of bread has 4 grams of sugar? That's half of your daily intake of sugar! When I began watching my diet the first thing I looked at was my sugar intake. The first step I took while beginning my weight loss journey was to limit myself to one slice of whole wheat toast with egg whites for breakfast before eventually eliminating bread altogether. Instead of making a sandwich, try adding protein to lettuce or spinach with some fresh veggies and you'll notice that you will begin feeling full faster and longer.

2. Exchange Fruit for Veggies

While fruit is healthy, it does contain lots of natural sugars. These sugars are not bad for you when eaten in moderation, but you still want to keep your sugar intake low. Instead of grabbing that apple or banana on your way out the door, try sliced cucumber, celery, or raw peppers instead to cut out those unneeded sugars.

3. Choose the Right Veggies

Not all vegetables are low in carbs! Sweet tasting vegetables like peas, corn, carrots and sweet potatoes should be avoided if you are trying to cut carbs.

4. Use Condiments in Moderation

Many people don't realize that one tablespoon of ketchup has 4 grams of sugar which is half of your daily sugar allowance! Use ketchup very sparingly by measuring out just one tablespoon or less when adding it to your meal. By slowly limiting your sugar intake it will become easier and easier to cut it out completely. Mustard is a great alternative for ketchup as it adds amazing flavor and is low in carbs! Instead of bottled condiments, think of grabbing fresh spices, lemon juice, or pepper to doctor up your dishes.

5. Stick to Water

Drinking a full glass of water before a meal will help you feel full faster and adding a lemon to your water will boost your immune system, flush out toxins, and maintains regularity along with many more benefits. First thing in the morning is the perfect time to have a glass of lemon water as it will kick start your metabolism before you have breakfast. Stay away from booze! Alcohol is packed with carbs and sugar, so its best to stay away from drinking while you're trying to lose weight. If a cocktail or two is necessary during the weekend, stick to small amounts of clear alcohol like vodka and add plain club soda and a squeeze of lemon, lime or some fresh cucumber.

It’s also key to stay away from pop, lemonade, iced tea, and sports drinks.

6. Say No to Dessert

We all need to indulge once in a while but being able to simply say no to dessert is a huge step in controlling your diet. In order to effectively cleanse yourself of carbs, abstaining from desserts and sugary snacks is key. If you are craving something sweet after dinner try a cup of tea and remember if you're going to have a treat, have it before dinner that way your body has time to start digesting it.

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