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Tips For a Healthy & Happy 4th of July

We know all too well the feeling after overeating and indulging on the Holiday weekend. With a little bit of control you can still enjoy your 4th of July barbecue without the sluggish after effects. We have put together 6 tips that can save you hundreds of calories you won't even notice you're missing and keep your health and fitness goals on track.

1. Use Small Plates

Studies show that people who choose smaller plates and utensils eat less without trying to. It can mean consuming up to 50% fewer calories with the same level of fullness. Instead of a standard plate, grab a dessert or kids plate.

2. Eat Slowly

People who eat slower end up consuming fewer calories over the course of a meal. The slower pace allows for your full stomach to signal your brain that you don't need any more food. Spend time talking with friends and family while you're eating. The more you're chatting, the less you're eating.

3. Eat Healthy Foods First

Always start with salad to help fill you up and slow your digestion with very few calories. Protein is a great second choice because it will help you feel full sooner. Fruit is a healthy dessert, although it does have a lot of natural sugar so eat fruit in moderation.

4. Skip The Chips, Crackers, and Bread

Refined carbohydrates are the worst things you can put into your body because they offer little satisfaction, tons of calories and dangerous insulin spikes. If you want a bun on your burger or hotdog, then simply skip the chips and other snacks that go along with it.

5. Keep Dessert Small

Sugar and refined carbohydrates are the most dangerous foods to put in your body! The difference between a large piece of cake and a small piece is HUNDREDS of calories. As long as you keep your portion sizes under control you can still indulge in a little dessert. Remember you can always opt for a healthier dessert with fruit as well.

6. Smart Drinking

What's a celebration without a cocktail or two? One margarita can hold 600-800 calories alone. That is about half of your calorie intake for one whole day. Wine, beer, or vodka tonic will keep your calorie intake low. Don't forget to pace yourself and drink plenty of water in between drinks to stay hydrated!

These tips are lifesavers and will literally help you cut out hundreds of wasted calories! Are we missing something? What is your favorite trick or tip to stay healthy during holiday parties?

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